About Me

My name is Isabel Reyes. If you got to this page through a link in my blog post ” 10 Tips For an Irresistible  About Me  Page”  in this, my About Me Page, I am going to stick with tip number six.

My vision for this website and anything related to internet marketing is, in a nutshell: If you want to be successful you have to work hard and you need a mentor.  Your efforts must be constant you must be determine, focus  and you can not quit. To not quit you need to like what you’re doing. As you may know by now there is a lot of hype about what can be accomplish through affiliate marketing and there are good and bad products out there. For the most part I use the products that I  promote because I like to speak from personal experience and I care to give my audience what I believe is the best.

There are quality products that offer great value and service. Many products out there fall short of expectations, but there are some golden nuggets. The internet is a haystack and we are all looking for the needle. Through my reviews and tips I hope to offer a short cut to your search of the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.

So to keep it short and sweet the point is, really… who cares who I am if you do not get results. Rather than trying to entice you by describing accomplishments, I will leave for you to judge who I am. If you apply the strategies in this website and get results, bookmark my website and share it with others. For now I will share with you a photo of my better half…. lol    ;   )

See a photo of  my better half  below……

My better half....